Chris Brown, Why Whould You, how Could You??

1:20 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

I was in hock to find out about Chris Brown got arrested for beating up Rihanna!
Whats more socking is this picture of Rihanna, released by TMZ.com who i giver credit to! Idk if i am suppose to show that, i hope they wont do nothing to me, but i feel so bad for her, she will heal up i know and time will show the beautiful Rihanna again, but i have a question for Chris Brown! Why would you yeah every relationship has its ups and downs, but to get it out of control come on, i also heard that Chris Brown Said that the stories that all different websites post are not fully true! I can't Waite to see what he has to tell us him self!
All my Prier's goes to her and her family!

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Bon Don said...

wow! is that really her??? poor thing :(