My Every Day Life

It's 5 Years! WOW It's Amazing! MY ADVICE INCLUDED! READ ON!

8:38 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

It Seem like yesterday i Fell in love with him, no it's been 5 years! Reality, Baby! I Love him with all my heart and the history we have is something special, i should write a book about us, I BET IT WILL BE BEST SELLER! I truly believe he is my happiness through thick and thin. Anything i need he will always be there to help me get in and achieve the highest point! LOVE does Exist but you guys should find it! Don't Waite until in comes to you look for it in places that you never though it would exist! (like LIBRARY *WINK *WINK) GOD BLESS us and every one that is out there living and dream BIG! Because if you don't have point in life, then you are a very lonely person, act and get help, because no one will be able to help you if you don't help your self!

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