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Natural Instinct Hair Color What I Use To Color My Hair!

8:02 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I Use to have Dirty Blond Hair and i didn't want to color my hair, because i know how bad it can damage your hair! Until i seen natural instinct Hair Color commercial on television. So I was like, Hmm let me try it! Why i went black! I love black hair color! I do think i have nice face features that having black hair can stand out more! My main Plus is i have a green/gray eyes (natural) and now the shine more with my black hair! I suggest you girls try different hair colors the good things about this product it doesn't hurt your hair and its washes off in few months if you don't apply over and over again! I love Natural Instinct Hair Color and i Suggest anyone i know to use it! You will love it! Watch a video of me bragging about it and my tips! Enjoy

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