My Every Day Life

Few Updates!

9:20 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I ordered My NYX Cosmetics yest.. and guess what i WANT to have them all ready!

I know I am Silly!! But I wanna Try All ready!!!!!


*** So anyway, For My Birthday my mom make me flower baskets! It's so cute, she should be a wedding flower designer! Go Mom!!!


*** I want to go to museums I know that in NEW York there are sooo many museums and i need to drag my BF with me, cuz i love museums, i love taking pictures for memories!! Isn't what its for anyway? I am thinking when it gets warmer i will hip museums so i can be wearing my cute dress and accessories and curly hair and takes pictures!!!! LOL =]

Flash Back!!! I think it was in 2003!! OMG how cute! Well it was in Madam Tu show in NYC!!

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