Gift Haul! Also Katherine's Gift Ideas!

10:15 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I love this PINK BIGGY, I always wanted a piggy bank, Its more special because It says Lord On In and Duhh It's PINK! <--- And It's for me to keep!
I love to write cards ( AND ALSO GET THEM FROM OTHERS) So for me a present it's not complete if i didn't get a card and put my warm heater Peace!
DO YOU HAVE AN OLDER PERSON YOU HAVE TO GET A GIFT FOR? If YES, then this Vintage looking clock it's perfect! Age appropriate, and it can be hanged in a kitchen and they will always think of you when they look at the time! =]
HAVE A BABY SHOWER OR JUST A BABY B-DAY? Well a simple outfit like above is perfect! You can add a lil toy and a card, put it in a baby gift bag! And look you have a perfect gift!
HUNGRY? Grab Some mash potato add some gravy and warm beans!! Yammii =]

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