Kim Kardashian

Kim Shapaholic?

1:29 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

If you read my blog day to day! you will know i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KIm Kardashian and Admire her!
In the last episode Last Sunday, her family wonna help her in her shopping ADDICTION!
And the truth is, if a person dose't eccept the help you can't do nothing to change 'em!
So here below are recent pictures of KIM shopping AGAIN with her sisters On Robertson Blvd
(Oh Yeah It's Not Cheap Like For ex: Forever 21!)

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I love that show too.
I watched it too and know exactly what episode you're talking about. kim kardashian is a really really really nice in person. i've met her before. one of my friends is a bodyguard for lil romeo and we went to an event in hollywood and she happened to be there too. she had no makeup on but still looked beautiful without it. she actually came to us and had a conversation with us and was totally chill. i like her. i also like kourtney kardashian. love her!