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10:57 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Before anything i Give this movies 10000000000000000 hundreds on stars! Finally a movie i will want to see over and over when it come out on DVD! After Devil Wears Prada I didn't see any movie that i just want to see re run over and over, but this movie is awesome! I must say Pink Panther wasn't as good as this one! Beyonce nailed in with a girl fight! Hey a real women will fight to death to protect her family! (Like Me) LoL! I so want to go see it AGAIN! You think i am crazy? OH I SHOW YOU CRAZY! LOL <-- You will know what i mean once you watch it! I suggest you do, you wont regret it, at least u a Beyonce hater!! So yeah that's about it Yall I am so happy i went to see it, and Beyonce You go GIRL!

My Two Gorgeous girls, Kim and Beyonce at the movie Premiere, looking gorgeous as always!

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