Ohh Such A Cool Weekend!!!

8:15 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I hope all of you lovely people had a great weekend, weather in NY was soo Cool! I loved it, Thanks God no need for a jacket! It's about time! I went to do a lil shopping for mu Hubster with him and his grandma, then we went to REDLOBSTER! YAmmMM, I soo want more, didn't really bother taking pictures because I know hubster was tired, because his back hurts! Feel better Babe! Well hoping that next weekend weather also going to be the BOMM i want to see the NEW Beyonce Movie!!! Thats about it, Have A Great week Guys!
Make Up Was OKEY, I really didn't like it that much the way in came out in the pictures!
MAC here i come!!
I loved my Outfit!
My Cute Shoes, They are like two years old!

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