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Review: Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Styling Mousse

10:24 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Price: US$ 4.00
Website: BUY HERE:
Biography:The humidity resistant formula locks out frizz and licks in shine. You'll never again regret the day you were blessed with that mess of twirly tangles on your head. Your hair will be frizz - free and wonder - full
Likes : SMELL OMG IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD! I also like that the curls are not hard! First time using it, it was raining and to be honest my hair is soo freeze when it rains but with this product on my hair it was much much less freeze!
Dis Likes: Claims 24HOUR hold, but didn't
Katherine's Rating:
3.5 Out 5<---YEY =]
Repurchase: Maybee!!!

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