11:00 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

I am so upset! THE GAME show has BEEN CANCELED! Tia Posted on her twitter! And i wont be watching CW TV anytime soon! I wonder what they going to show next? Some Boring ass TV show! Please one normal TV show that was so put together and so FUN to watch! BET is not so great either, they didn't seem to pick up the show too! Well i will watch RE-Runs they don't get boring to me, because i love The Show! =( I Don't even want to think about this any more! Sad News!

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OMG I KNOW!! I shed tears when I heard! I am sooooooooooooooooo upset about this. I loved that show with a passion :( I can't believe how they could cancel it right when it got EVEN MORE DRAMATIC!!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFF!!!! I HATE THE CW!!!

I hope BET picks it up eventually. That would be amazing. Maybe if we watch the reruns religiously...since they do play the same episodes OVER AND OVER AGAIN...they will decide to pick it up.

Otherwise...I will forever watch the reruns on youTube and imagine what happens. lol