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Short Tuesday Update!

10:05 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

% Hey my Darlings! I hope you are having a great Week so far! If not then don't get upset, keep doing your thing! I've been okey, doing a lot of stuff and finding out that it wont be able to get any free time for the next 4 weeks! School, work, family, personal life= TOO MUCH, but i LOVE it! i must admit being busy, is what i love! because it takes my mind of soo much negative stuff that i don't pay attention to negative influence that some people have on me! I love working and YEah I do LOVe school, maybe not so much h.w and sitting through BORING classes, but hey My FIRST year in Collage I've learned so much! Well my darling that was lil something for you to read if you care! =]

***Below are Two pictures of my eye make up that i did before going to work, i just wanted to play with eye shows and see what would come out, NOT BAD i would say!


*** Here is a picture of my lovely nails! I've went to saloon to get them done, IT WAS TIME! But still I wasn't very happy how they women did them, Not planing to go back there she was rough! I like gentle =] Well Just wanted to share with you my darlings!
YYY Okey My darlings, i hope you liked my lil Update! Stay Tune for more! God Bless!

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i like the nail color and eyeshadow. i know what you mean about like ur nails done with a soft touch. i wonder if we went to the same place..ahha....cuz i went to a lady once and she was so rough i never went back.

oh by the way, if you have nothing to do this saturday. there's going to be some free festivals this sat may 16. check my blog for details.