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(Nasty Weather Today In NY!!!)
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Mood: Okey
What’s a quality you like about yourself? I like that i try my best to finish things on time, push myself to do better, and be as organized as possible
Describe your fashion style: well, i like to be confortable, that dosent alwasy mena swets and hoody, which by the way iam wearing now, because its nasty weather outside so didnt feel like dressing up, i love summer so when summet time hits NY i will be wearing diffrent kind of dresses and eccessories.
Lips: I want to get The revlon lipstick in light light pink to try, i heard a lot about it!
Hair: I Loke my hair to be simple and not all in my face
Outfit: as of now its up!
What do you do for a living? Work in retail for now, in collage for becoming social worker
What do you like about your job/s? I love my co workers!
What don’t you like about your job/s? Nasty people that are are just plain crazy!! =]
Weekly goals: For this week, going out to restorant for my friends B-Day, and doing H.W.

*** It might be boring to read this, but i felt like shering! =]

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