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China Glaze And Orly Nail Polish From 88 Beauty.Com Haul

10:34 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

Hey guy I finally picked up my Package! I am so happy I love the colors its so gorgeous the packaging was excellent and the all the nail colors are beautiful!

Below you will find a video me showing you nail polish as well as a picture of it on my nail!


You Can View All the Nail Polishes And More At Their
Web Site
You Can Get There By Clinking HERE

All China Glaze Nail Polishes Are $2.68
ORLY Is $3.18


Nail Polishes In Order As In The Video!


Laced Up
Vintage Crepe
For Audrey
Evening Seduction
Orly Velvet Rope
Hot a A Love

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I'm surprise that 8ty8beautysupply is back in service. I ordered a whole lot of nail polishes from them and for a couple months their site was down as if they were out of business.
I was so bummed because that's where I order all my polishes. But becuz of your video, I'm finding out that they are back in business. I'm so happy!

My first order was China Glaze but I noticed with the darker colors you have to use like 4-5 coats just to get good coverage on some of the polishes. But for the price being so cheap I can't really complain. I got the same polish "aubrey" too. It's such a pretty color.

I ordered the Orly too and the quality feels like O.P.I.

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My tip for looking thru craigslist from experience:
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I don't know if it has a broker fee or not. But you can call and ask.

Hope that helps.