Always Be Remembered "Michael Jackson"

4:02 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Michael Jackson's Death Touched every one around the world!

At age 50 Michael's life ended as reporters say heart failure. TRULY I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Yes he went through way to many surgeries, but most of all he went through to much stress with all the child molester accusation. People made so much fun of him, yeah I won't lie he didn't look great after all the operations, but he still was same person with the same voice. He had chosen to go through the surgeries and become how he was. IT WAS HIS CHOICE. Till this day I don't believe he has die, two weeks ago I came across his song and I though when will he make a come back. And the answer is never now! I hope he is in a better place. I feel really bad for his kids that will grow up with out their father, I know how it feels. Michael Jackson way be dead but his music will forever live on from one generation to another.

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