Big Weekend Haul! MUST CHECK OUT!

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Hey you guys! I hope all of you had a blast this weekend if not then there is always another weekend!

I didn't really go anywhere me and hubby decided to spend time together alone and enjoy the Saturday together! Which was an awesome idea! ( I should really take my time and write an article about interracial relationship, like how it fells to be in one obstacles it faces and much more)

Below you can check out the pictures with my eye make up. ( YOU CAN'T REALLY SEE BUT I HAVE A BLUSH ON AND I THINK I AM STARTING TO LIKE IT AND OHH BOYY, I don't want to get addicted and start to buy it more then one lol.


On Friday I went to some shopping therapy! I got some few cute things! CHECK OUT BELOW

Dress 17.99USD

Steve Madden Shoes (got discount) 10% off $32.99USD


Purple Tunic $29.99USD


Maybeline "Define a Brow" pencil $ 7 USD

Below you can check out the review for it!

"Diamond Lust" glittery gray eye shadow $ 7 USD
- THE EYE SHADOW IS VERY PIGMENTED AND ITS SO EASY TO APPLY IT WITH ONE STROKE YOU WILL HAVE THE COLOR ON YOUR EYES! I really didn't think it would be so pigmented and show up on my eye like that. Really good quality. I SHOULD GO AND PICK UP TWO MORE. It won't hurt to have in my make up collection. <-- I DON'T COLLECT MAKE UP SO IT JUST STAYS THERE AND EXPIRE JUST SO I CAN HAVE A COLLECTION WITH STUFF I DON'T USE!

Below you can check out the review for it!


So now I want to take my time and talk about something that I wanted to share with you guys for a long time! I have nothing aging Forever 21 but when ever I go there and come out I have a headache and I am angry HERE IS WHY. First of all when you go in the music is blasting in your ear like insane! The store is a complete mess all the time you can never find anything! I UNDERSTAND THERE IS TO MANY PEOPLE AND ITS HARD TO KEEP CONTROL OF EVERYTHING, so hire more people to work, they making money anyway from so many costumes daily! Now I want to talk about workers, the store I always go to the workers are plain nasty and show off, always give faces to everyone when they ask to help! They barley know anything about their products or where anything is! The dressing rooms are unbelievably long! I understand they can't do anything about that if they can say at least to people to hurry up because there are too many people waiting! I don't get people go in there with two things and stay in feeling room for like 20 min! Their Webster is super organized and so easy to navigate! I like It, but I don't order from them because if something doesn't feet me I won't be able to return it they only have exchange which sucks because if I get something from their website I will only go to the store to return it I would not look for anything in there! This is my personal opinion the style of clothing is great everything is up to the minute style and cheap! The QUALITY is not so great there are some peace that are good quality but hard to find in store and online you can't see the real product! The store that I like which is more higher quality and also stylish is H&M stores. They have a website but you can't buy anything online. Go to their website HERE to see store locations near you. H&M has better organized store and their music is just right. I ENJOY SHOPPING THERE! Even though lines still also long but you can wait the music is not blasting in your ear and give you headache! I a lot of my friends order from forever21 website because they can't stand going to the store! I though I was the only one that feels like this towards the store it self! I wish they will change things in future and I would go and enjoy shopping there, but for now I just want to run away from there right when I get in the door! ¤So I hope I didn't bored you guys with my opinions about the Friday experience that made me share this opinion on my blog. This might e a long post, because i am at work now and writing this post on my Tilt phone so when I get home I can just upload it to my comp and paste it to the blog post! SMART!


¤Okay now the fun news I got a delivery from Wal-Mart where I got the photo cup for my cousin for his B-Day. Delivery was fast, but the quality don't look that great, idk what I should do I won't be able to make it to exchange it, what I am thinking to do is to give it to him and when we get time will go and exchange it I have to contact the Wal-Mart photo store first.


Then on Saturday I got the package from Hong Kong! It looks like from old day package! Its a size of my palm. Small and cute envelope from Hong Kong! I am excited not what's in it the package, I am more excited how cute it is and its from like millions of miles away! So you probably by now thinking omg what's in the package! Well okay its two eye lash glue and a mini stick to apply them! I didn't get the eye lash package yet, it will probably will come tomorrow! I hope! I am excited to use them already! I WILL DO A REVIEW AND GIVE YOU GUYS THE LINK WHERE YOU CAN GET THE GLUE AND EYE LASHES CHEAPER!

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hahaha.... damn train! lol
i could hear the train rollin by. =)

No problem, it's not personal at all. First of all, what is your friend's price range?

I just moved out of my apartment and moved to a house. I only pay $850 for a 1 bedroom house, but then again, we know the owner so I think he cut us a deal. But as for apartments, my boyfriend and I lived in the Bronx and our old apartment was really nice. It had granite counter tops, 2 walk in closets in each room and a balcony. The room was enormouse. The only reason why we moved out was cuz it was a 3 bedroom and our roommate moved out so my boyfriend and I didn't really need that much space to ourselves. I think it was like $1500. But I'm sure she could look into the 1 and 2 bedroom. It's a really safe part of the Bronx. Well, I like the Bronx apartments better than Manhattan. You get more for your money. The apartments in Manhattan are just wayyy too small.
Let me know if she's interested, I could see if I could find the realtor's number.