Gift Idea For My Cousin Birthday!

11:08 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

So lil story behind why i have chosen to get him a Mug Shot Cup! First of all I Love My Cousin and i hope he wont see this till he gets his present, which i think he wont because i he never goes on my BLOG because its GIRLY! I know he likes things that are personalized and memorable! November 2008 I got the same Personalized cuz for my DAD and He loved it! So what i great things to have and use it everyday and know that a person who gave u cars and loves you so much! Its like an everyday reminder with out actually me telling him I LOVE you and Care for you!

*** I have a plan to surprise him on this B-Day at 12AM June 18th! But sharing with you guys its to long, but i will post pictures as soon as My Plan Will Work!

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