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I AM SO CONFUSED! HELP! Corioliss Pro Or Chi Flat Iron?

8:24 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

I have been wanting to get the big nice curls like this CLICK HERE TO SEE. I so decided and went and got the Revlon Curling icon I think its an inch big! I am not sure! Its not to small and Not to BIG! And i like it, but it takes so long to curl the hair about an 40 minutes and its too much, I am always on the go and i don't have time to curl my hair! So i came across a video that i fell in love with you can check it out below, the girl is so gorgeous her self and her curls came out also gorgeous! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM! .....

As you can see above I highlighted in red box the name of the hair Flat Iron she uses to give her her gorgeous curls! So i said i need to research where i can get that tool!.....
Few researches later i found the same Flat Iron at for $134.99 USDAs you can see above!.....
Then seen at the bottom another same product for $89.99 USD! Idk which one to get???!!!..........
....So i said let me check out few other sites to see what they will bring me to.... Above is a picture of list the product for 134.95 + Free shipping + Free Stand! Now i can use The FREE SHIPPING and STAND! Why Not!. The product is almost same price as at but it comes with free stand! The stand always can be useful!....
....Ohh no My search didn't end there! I went on to and guess what they had free Iron Mat and Storage Pouch + FREE SHIPPING! And this baby is listed for $89.99 USD!!!! OMG IDK I am So confused!

So i went to see another name brand product called CHI! I head a lot about it from you tube GURUS! But IDK what to choose if my curls will me out same as The gorgeous lady you see above i would so get same hair Flat Iron as she, but CHI is so well known!

*** The things about is i trust in,because a lot of GURUS on you tube use it and love it, but other websites that list for lover price i might not be able to return it if i don't like it or i wont be 100% authentic! I will probably will end up getting from because i TRUST it more! I will let you guys know what i decided in few days! I will look into it no and ask around!

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The Brand Chi is really good. The pictures of the CHI you highlighted I have used I even used the Chi turbo ceramic 1" (the 3rd row over and 2nd iron down with the red velvet). The red velvet is actually nice because you can hold on to the iron without burning your hands. Some irons get really hot that you can't really hold on to the iron.

Chi makes my hair shiny and silky.

You can purchase Coriollis Pro at Marshalls. It is wayyyyy cheaper and it's in leopard print and in zebra print. I was going to buy it just because it was cute, but in reality I didn't really need it so I put it back. =) lol

Well, let me know which one you end up getting. Take cares.

Oh by the way, the Coriollis Pro in Marshalls....I think it was like $50 or $60 I can't remember. But it was definitely no more than $60.

And the one I saw it at was at the Marshalls by Target in the Bronx.