I finally did it My Loves! I got the Fake Eye Lashes from E-Bay!

1:05 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

I finally did it! "I finally did it My Loves! I got the Fake Eye Lashes from E-Bay!" I did a lot of research on them and i finally said

"Katherine, you keep looking and looking wishing you all ready had them, so just click to purchase them!"

So i listened to my inner self and i HIT purchase button! I am kinda afraid a lil, because i have never purchased anything from Hong Kong, but i said i want to do it, i will try its not so expensive I hope i get them and they are exactly how it was in picture and described " Really Soft and Look Natural!"

** When i was looking at what type of Fake Lashes to get I payed attention so they wont be to thick, because too think will make them look fake and to heavy for day to day wear!

I hope i got the ones i can use time to time to spice up my make up!
**What i didn't like, that i have to buy glue separately, which i placed a bid for now 2 for 1!

P.S. I will post a review on them when i get them, and if everything will be as listen and they will be good quality i will post a review and my ratings!

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Ohhhh!! Those look fabulous!!! Please please please blog about them when you get them!!!