Money Stress: Financial Woes Can Do Serious Damage to Your Health

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Hey my Blogger's ! So i was thinking on what to do my blog about! And I came across a wonderful article that up can Check out HERE. Its about Stress = Cancer! I Found the Article From the Gorgeous Tyra Banks Show!

...Money has the unfortunate power to take your stress level from a solid two to a through-the-roof 10. Everyone knows that gut-wrenching feeling of seeing funds deplete from your account and the wave of nausea that hits every time you spend one dollar too many at the corner store. We're all too familiar with the physical effects of money woes, but did you know it could do long-term damage to your health?

Because credit card debt and the like are ongoing worries that plague us, the effects we feel from them become chronic stress, which creates higher levels of cortisol in your body. That cortisol level can weaken your immune system -- and even make it harder for your body to fight off cancer. Being constantly stressed also can lead to migraines and serious depression -- an extreme reaction for one too many fashion splurges. So how can you help prevent your tight money moment from causing serious problems?

Make a plan. Create a budget -- how much you MUST pay every month for rent, bills, food and so on -- and make those payments first. Then budget how much you'll spend on everything else -- and stick to that number. You might have to skip out on a night at the movies or going to the restaurant with friends, but skipping out in the name of saving money will help your pocketbook -- and your health -- in the long run.


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oh wow....i never new that. or at least never realized that. thanks for sharing. lol