Make Up Organization / Collection {2 Parts Video}

10:12 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

I am a clean FREAK! I am believe me when i say a big CLEAN FREAK! I LOVE when everything is clean, organized, and neat to the best perfection! I get so irritated and mad when my stuff is not in its place and especially my make up and clothing!

Below you can check out my make up organization videos, Its small, but it means so much to me! lol I am so corny!

Get Ready For Part 2

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I am the same way. I don't think I have a large collection because I'm weary of expiration dates. I see people with sooooo much makeup and it just amazes me. I just get what I need and I don't buy unless I really need it. I have my Coastal Scents palette and i'm content with that. I love the Victoria Secret have more than me ...and you have pretty colors. I think those are very convenient and easy to use....i just throw them in my bag. Where did u get ur eyelash curler from...i never seen one like that before. it's cool looking.