Tips For Combination Skin (OILY-DRY)

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All of the tips that are listed below apply to all skin types, but combination skin often is very sensitive. (LIKE MINE)

Lets begin....

1. Don't I repeat don't touch your face

2. Touch your face right after you washed your hands with soap and warm water well.

3. Don't think that if you going to wash your face more then 3 times a day it will be much cleaner, WRONG! Your face will get more irritated and you will get wrinkles earlier.

4. Always choose a face wash and moisturizer-lotion that is for your type of skin. For example if your skin if oily then choose a product that is oil free or for oily skin which means also oil free

5. Don't rub any product on your face always be gentle applying anything on skin with your fingers or face brushes.

6. Don't fall a sleep with make up on, you can only if your skin in a miracle and nothing will happen to it. <---NOT POSSIBLE, IF YOU THINK YOU DID BEFORE AND NOTHING HAPPENED WELL IT DID AND YOU WILL SEE IT LATER ON IN LIFE.

7. Try to do more home made masks and less drug store or department store masks. You will have less chemicals to feed your skin.

8. If you tried a product and it gave you some kind of allergic reaction and you got a pimple after wards STOP USING, BELIEVE IT OR NOT SOME PEOPLE CONTINUE USING IT.

9. Baking soda is the best scrub out there for your whole skin. ( ADD A LIL PINCH OF BAKING SODA TO YOUR FACE WASH OR BODY LOTION AND IT WILL WORK WONDERS ON YOUR SKIN)

10. Look in a mirror and no matter how good or ad your skin is and just say " I AM SO BEAUTIFUL"

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