How To Relax After Long Hard Day [Few Easy Steps]

8:18 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

Lets admit it's a hectic life. We all get tired and we cant always splurge and go to a nice Spa after work or school and not all of us are blessed to have a home spa.

Well I have some secrets to share with you...
In this post I'll let you know know my little secrets on how i please myself with out breaking my bank or leaving my home! =]

My secrets on Relaxing after a long busy day:

*SHOWER- Is a must, but i do it with extra something; Before i get in the shower i Sprinkle my Bath tube with LAVENDER SCENTED OI,Then I turn ON HOT water and let the HOT air spread through my whole bathroom. That way my whole bathroom will smell like nice lavender sent!
Q: Why Lavender Sent?
A:It can speed up eye blood circulation, Make you relax yourself, Better sleep, It can also reduce black eye circles cased my tiredness.

*No ELECTRONICS- Yeah we live in a world that is all about electronics we cant live with out them, well if you want to relax and relax, you are going to have to turn it OFF. OMG yeah i did say ALL OFF! Not even a cell phone on! For at least an hour or so.

* Jasmine Tea
- I love tea and i need to have 2 or 3 after i get off from work, it relaxes my mind and lets me be calm through out the whole night. Make a HOT Cup of jasmine tea and let it stay and cool off while you relaxing in your Lavender Scented Shower!

Q: Why Jasmine Tea?
A: Jasmine tea products of a higher grade are filled with a more refreshing and natural scent. If you ever feel that you need to relax in your everyday life, try high-grade jasmine tea in your leisure time. The delicate floral scent derived only from nature washes away your tension, and makes you feel rejuvenated after few sips.

* Quite Peaceful Tim
- At least 1 hour or less, it's all you need to relieve stress and even headache. The above steps were proven to me to work and i wont lie i have A LOT OF STRESS!

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