10 Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving

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(Not Everyone is on the above picture from the list below)

Few Day are left before Thanksgiving and i came up with a list of,
"10 things that I am thankful for this past year!"

(I am always Thankful everyday of my life for everything i have!)

1. GOD and ME (I am not selfish, I just thank GOD for helping Be Who I am)
2. My boyfriend ( Everyone one has ups and downs, but you know when its something special when no matter what, he and you are always there for each other)
3. My Wonderful Family (Not only my mom, StepDad, Grandma, Cousin, But my two closest friends ever, Irina <--- Words cant describe how much you mean to me and how greatful I am to have you! and Marina <--In such a short time I just grown to care for you so much)
4. My In-Laws ( Grandma and Mother In-Law (They my family too)
5. My Teachers
6. My wonderful Cat (Richard)
7. My Job
8. My apartment (Even though its not my own)
9. My doctors ( For taking care of me and dealing with my over the limit Questions)
10. Everything and everyone who been there for me and always supporting!

I am oh so THANKFUL for everything i have in my life, I truly thank GOD for everything i have!


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