ThanksGiving Weekend Re-Cap

8:55 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I hope all of you guys had a wonderful ThanksGiving!

I had a nice family dinner Wednesday night and Thursday.

Below are some pictures I though to share with you guys!

The Turkey my grandma decorated and I was the one who was watching out for it till it was ready!

My Wednesday night plate, it was late that's why i don't have a lot on my plate (Trying not to stuff myself at night) Everything was HOME made!

My mom loves to cook and BAKE! I Am still learning how to BAKE, cooking is a gift to me. WE had TWO cakes, but silly me I forgot to take a picture of another one! =]

I wanted to take a picture and even do a video of the OUTFIT, but as always i was running late and didn't have time!

I promise NEXT holiday I WILL!

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