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ELF Daily Brush Cleaner Review

9:41 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

Is it even worth $3? Read my review below and find out

So my recent post i posted my ELF HAUL, and promised I will do a review on the "Daily Brush Cleaner" As promised, here it is......


I must say the packaging is comfortable and neat. Before I placed an order for this product, I said $3 for daily brush cleaner is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, but still wanted to try. Below you will see my experiment I did to see good it is. Its way better then just me typing and trying to explain every detail.


STEP ONE: I took my MAC "Humid" eye shadow. I wanted to take the darker color eye shadow, that way I would see how good it will take off the eye shadow from the brush. I was clever enough to pick a white colored brush over black, because that way we can see how much of the eye shadow came off.


STEP TWO: Above is me spraying the brush cleaner liquid directly onto the brush TWO TO THREE TIMES. JUST HOW IT SAID TO DO SO ON THE BACK OF THE BOTTLE. The SMELL is wonderful!


STEP THREE: I prefer to use a "Bounty" sheet to clean all of my brushes anytime.


As you can see the eyeshadow is NOT 100% off the brush. Its not as dark as it was in the beginning. Therefore,using a different shadow with that brush would mix the colors.

OVER ALL: I am not a fan of this one. I had a feeling it wont work. With $3 what would you expect. I must say their other elf products work really good, THIS ONE IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

HOW I WILL USE IT: I love the way it smells, and it does take off some eye shadow. I will probably use it to spot clean my brushes when I am using light colors. It's not strong enough to use on dark colors. I will also spray my brushes with it after I wash them so they will smell nice.

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Bombchell said...

thanks will avoid that if i remember

Brit said...

I actually found that it takes off all of the product.