My Money Saving Trick's And Tip's.

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I got few TRICKS to share with you, that will help you SAVE $$$

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It's that time of year when your wallet feels so empty! I have few TIPS to share with you, THAT WILL HELP YOU SAVE BIG THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, AND ALSO THROUGH OUT THE YEAR.

P.S. I came up with all of the TIPS myself by listening to my family, friends, reading a lot about the subject, and watching TV.


* DON'T BUY CHEAP CLOTHING-I am not ashamed to shop in good stores on SALES. I don't like to buy cheap clothing because after few if not one was it looks terrible.

- I use to shop the last minute for everything. Now I got into a habit, when I am shopping for myself I am on a look out for things that can be great for the holiday and B-Days. I purchase it in advance and place them in save storage ones the occasion comes I wrap the present and give it. I shopped in a lot of stores and got a lot of cheap junk. I ended up donating or throwing it away. I always say to myself, " Its like taking money and flushing it down the toilet. I rather wait till something good will came and put my money towards it, let it be little more expensive, but it will last me much longer then the cheaper product that was bought in a rush.

*Switching Seasons- Buy winter clothing closer to summer time and summer clothes closer to winter. That way you will save a lot with lots of sales.

* Google Love- Google "compare book prices" to find most cheapest school books or any books you want to buy. Don't settle on one search and website, do lots of research it will pay off.

* Shop School Supplies Earlier- Buy school supplies before school year starts its way cheaper then during the year. Because stores give crazy sales before school starts in September.

* Library Is The Way To Go - Save even more money on random BOOK's and DVD's, by going to your local library.

* Don't buy Snacks At The Theater- When you are getting ready to go to the movies, try to buy snacks at your local grocery store. The food at the movies is way more expensive. P.S. Hide your food in your bag, because security may not let you in with it.

* Do It Your Self Time
- Save money on doing you nails at the saloon, do it yourself, you wont be a perfectionist at the begging, but you will learn each and every time. If you really can't, then when at the saloon make sure you choose light colors nail polish, that way it will stay on your nail longer and wont chip fast.

* NO NO Shaving Creams
- Don't spend money on shaving cream, use HAIR CONDITIONER. It's ohh so smooth. P.S. Make sure you apply good lotion after.

* Spa At Home- Do your own spa day's by taking along bath, with candles around, lotion your own body or PpSsss.... ASK YOU LOVE TO DO IT. Use home made masks ( Click HERE and HERE go see few options) Massage your feet and hands, lay in bed for as long as you like listening soft calm music.

* Record- Have little note books to record your purchase that you make on credit and debit card. Have separate note books for each. that way you are controlling everything.

* SAVE SAVE SAVE- Save all of your receipts from all purchases, have a mini folder or case and label each month separately. At the end of each day of shopping put in the folder, that way you will always be able to find your receipts if anything.


I am sure you will like the TIPS I shared with you above. If you have any Questions feel free to ask. Soon I will share with you more TIP'S!

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I love your saving money tips. I agree cheap falls apart with cloths. You can get name brands just as cheap if you know how to shop.