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New Hair Cut And NYC Macy's Decorations

6:51 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

It was time for a change and time to visit Herald Square in NY

I love to change my looks a little time. (Nothing dramatic like going Black from Dirty Blond)
Since Christmas is like 4 days away, I decided to treat myself to relaxing hair cut. Well it wasn't was so relaxing because I am so picky about my hair (NOT ONLY HAIR, I AM PICKY ABOUT EVERYTHING) I was alert and looking at what my lovely hair stylist was doing, even though she is amazing at what she does. She is so passionate about hair, it's AMAZING to watch.

I LOVE my hair, even though it's shorter then it was before, but I am loving my layers!


Sorry about the cleavage area, its HARD to hide them!

Earlier In The Day:

I went to do some shopping for last minute gifts and also met up with my Darling ( Marina <3)
In 10 minutes at the store our cart was full to the top with stuff!

Below are some pictures from Herald Square Macy's decorations, they are always different each Christmas. Always so creative and gorgeous!


I TweetPic this picture and I said he better be reading my wish list! Lol.


Santa's little helper, isn't she so cute!


He got a lot of Mail to read, why not upgrade to E-Mail?


Love Ya guys <3>

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alexisburris said...

Your new do is so cute! And I am such a fan of Macy's holiday displays. Thanks for posting those pics!