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Pantine Pro-V "Texture, sculpting Wax" Review

9:29 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Texture sculpting wax for your hair.


Few months ago I've purchased this Pantine Pro-V "Texture, sculpting Wax" for my hair. I didn't really bother reading reviews on it before going to the store and purchasing it. The PRICE was about $ 5.00. NOT bad. The packaging seems to be big, but ones you open it, it has small amount of product. =/ I'll be honest I am NOT loving this product what so ever.

I did as it says in directions. I also tried few different methods with it before finally deciding to blog about it. Nothings seem to work, It's just NOT working for my type of hair.


I know the color is dark YELLOW/ORANGE, but ones you apply on your hair it gives your hair a shiny look. <--NOT FOR LONG


I find it very sticky, and when i apply it on my curly hair it tends to weight down the curls. My curls after about one hour are gone, and my hair looks like i didn't wash it for weeks.


This product didn't work for me, so i don't really recommend it to my fabulous readers. This is my honest opinion, I have few Pantine Pro-V hair products which I am loving, but this wax is not working for my type of hair.

Not to waste my money I am going to give this to my LOVE to try, he has different type of hair, his is much thicker and short, I want to see how it will work for him.


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