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Christian Siriano For VS Make Up Review [Kajal Eye Liner and Bronzer/HighLighter Trio]

10:25 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

Fancy Make Up Review In Today's Post

Don't we all LOVE easy to use make up products, that are kinda expensive, but worth every penny? I know I do, and I am sure you feel same way. In today's post I will share with you two products that made my make up process go way quicker and easier (Since I am still a beginner)

I LOVE VS don't get me wrong, their clothing is pricey, but long lasting! You pay for what you get, let's put in that way. The perfume, body sprays, and lotions are also GREAT, but make up is SO SO. I purchased from products, but that was it, until i seen FANCY packaging (I am sucker for those) and I just said, " let me try it!"

Did the packaging match the quality?
Let's find out!


The packaging is great outside, but this is not what caught my eye...


....this what did, it looks so fancy to me. I sound like a dork, but that's just how I am.


Its a very small amount of product for the price, but for me it's worth every penny.
It glides very easy on my top and bottom water line. I wouldn't use it as an eye liner on top, just because I see it as more for water line lining that's where it stays in place and doesn't smudge. I tried many many eye liners to see how they would be on my water line and how long it will last. Truly nothing lasted as long as this Cole eye Liner.

TIP: Add a little line on the top lashes outer corner water line to open up and define your eyes. Then finish it up with mascara and you are good to go!


Before my mom looks at anything she always checks where it's made in. Thanks to her now I AM DOING SAME THING! I was like thrilled to see that it was made in ITALY!


I was sort of disappointed with this Trio. I love the finished look after it. As you will see in the video i explain more in detail steps i use to apply the bronzer on my face, it's a little challenging. I won't say its impossible to use, but it's NOT awesome.


Ones Summer comes I know I will love this Trio, because I will be darker and it will be easy to use it.

Enjoy The Video =]

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Stephanie said...

I like the packaging of their new products too!

Ducia Ciao said...

I've always LOVED CS!!!! <3,


Btw, love your blog because it looks so professional and you seem down to earth.