GoodBye 2009 HELLO 2010!

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It's NEW YEAR, let's all begin with fresh start!

First of all take a second now and THANK GOD for another GREAT year to come!

Thanks God For Another Fabulous Year To Come!

I had a relaxed fabulous New Years Eve. Me and my cousin did some food shopping so we can cook for New Years and I went to the nail saloon to get manicure. Below you will see some of the pictures I decided to share with you my lovely readers!

As you will see I welcomed NEW YEAR in my lovely house. I just wanted to be home, cook all day and clean, prepare for NEW YEAR in the comfort of my own home. I LOVE being home its a place where I relax and me comfortable.

You may think, if she is home then why did she dress up?

Well my answer is simple. It's a tradition I've been following since I can remember! My lovely mother always dressed me up since I was little to welcome NEW YEAR looking BEAUTIFUL!

With that said, let's now move on to some of my.....


1- Get Healthier and Tone Up- I love my body, but I have extra fat that I don't need. So I don't just want to work out, I also want to eat healthier to maintain and help me to stay fit and slim. I want to work out everyday, even if its just 15 min a day at the end of the day, still it will help me little by little, then I will move on to intense work out. Its better start with baby steps then not to start at all!

2- Be More Organized and On Time- I try to be really organized, but I tend to get blahh and not finish things that I said to myself that I need to do. I want to stick to what I have to do and not leave it for later! I am such a sleep lover. I am NOT A MORNING PERSON. I tried to do mornings, but it just doesn't work! This is why this semester I made sure my classes start later in the morning and not at 9AM!

3- Stay Positive and Determined- I want to stay positive and just be happy with myself and people and things around me. Be more nicer to people and be LESS AGGRESSIVE! SHUT curses out of my speech. I don't want to let people hurt me and make me sad!

That's about it loves...

Below check out my pictures from the past few days


Meet My Fabulous Tree



I love natural flowers


Practicing my photography skills again


Thank you Daddy!!


My LOVE <3 style="width: 564px; height: 424px;" src="" alt="Photobucket" border="0">

Look at his dirty nose, even though he is 5 years old, he acts like he is 1.


"Ohh NOO, you will feed my son pork and beans out of the can all the time?!!"
-Mother In-Law (To Be)


ME and my Cousin at our Best!


Time to get ready....


Busy Busy Busy Lady




Almost 2 hours later.....The RESULTS


How cute are them shoes?


My nail color... GOLD GOLD GOLD


So My LOVE surprised (Long Story Why) me and we decided to go watch a movie, because it's been long time since we went to the movies. I personally wanted to see "Albert and Chipmunks" and he wanted to see "Sherlock Homes" Albert and Chipmunks started by the time we got to the movies so we had no choice but to see the Sherlock Homes. Even though I am not a fan of movies like that, it was......(Waite till next post)

Movie Review is coming in the NEXT POST!


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Katrina said...

Looks like you had fun and you look like a doll. Whos that guy in the pic with you? You never mentioned who he was.

Its My Cousin