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How I Store And Organize My Hair Tools (Hot Tools)

11:16 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

They have long cords and its a challenge to find a way to store them and organize them perfectly.


I use to store my curling irons and hair straighteners in my bathroom until I found out that the moisture rusts the plates over time. So I needed to find a better way to store them and keep I mind that my space is limited, things need to be away at the same way have easy excess to it,because I use the tools almost every other day.

Remember guys DO NOT store your tools in the bathroom, it will damage the tools!!!

Want to know what I came up with? Click PLAY and watch the video below...

Here are some close up pictures of my organizer:


I agree not the BEST way to store them, but for not it works for me


Ones I come up with NEW storage method ( I am ALWAYS ON THE HUNT) I will let you guys know in future post.


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