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Movie Review: Its Complicated

12:31 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

Movie that will keep you guessing till the very end....EXCITING


Some people said its old folks movie,but I think young adults can learn from this movie also. (if you smart enough to figure out on your own or ask for help explaining) I knew ones I seen that Meryl Streep will be main character (From "Devil Wears Prada") I just knew that this will be a good movie. I WASN'T WRONG! I <3 it.

Its a romantic/drama movie that if you are in a relationship, going through hard times in your love life, you can get some ideas how to calm down and decide/fix what needs to be fix.

The movie is messing with you because you think one thing will happen and at the end something different. I love the meaning of the movie its what regular people deal with all around the world. It may be wrong thing to do in a relationship married or not and this movie clearly expresses that with out stating "HEY YOU STOP CHEATING NOW"

I am not sure if the movie is playing in theaters now, make sure you check your local theater for more info. CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR LOCAL THEATER.

Till next time.

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