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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

10:32 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

Its time for a movie review

In my previous post I promised to make a movie review.

Here it is, I LOVE to keep my promises!

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"Sherlock Holmes " I will be honest it's not my favorite TYPE of movie. I am more of comedy, and chick flicks kind of girl. Although I must say I really enjoyed this one. I don't want to give all away about the movie, but trust me you will be into it, solving the mystery with the detective...which is by the way is funny. If you really pay attention you probably will get all the clues yourself before he explains it at the end.

I don't want to mention anything else, because there will be no point of watching it.

Here is a small Official Trailer of the movie!

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Katrina said...

Im going to go watch it tonite!!! I cant wait!!!