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Product Review: HOT TOOLS (Curling Iron) 1-1/4" Professional Iron For Large, Loose Gurls

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Ladies don't you want a professional styling tools to do your hair?

You can if you can afford it. For the readers that can't I have a suggestion to share with you that may help you have the saloon quality products for the fraction of the cost.

Let me introduce to you guys brand called HOT TOOLS...( I am aware a lot of you know this brand, this is for the people that don't or if you need more information about it) I Been using their curling iron for about 5 months now. The reason why i waited so long before I do a review is simply because I wanted to try different want to use it with different products too see what it works with better. Usually the review that I read have been posted with in about one week or few days, those reviews I don't trust event though maybe the product they are using is a true miracle!

There are 5 different types of HOT TOOLS PRODUCTS:

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This is the one I own and will be reviewing:

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Before I begin with my personal review let me share with you some information that I read on their website!

Hot Tools® appliances have become the standard for professional hairdressers. With patented, powerful heating systems in curling irons and flat irons, plus advanced technology in hair dryers, Hot Tools® are demanded by stylists performing in the highest pressure styling environments including film, TV photo shoots and backstage styling at hair shows. Beauty is serious business...use Hot Tools®!
Product Features:

Mica Heating System
Mica Heating System
10 heat settings
10 Heat Settings
steel bar
Steel Bar

85 watts of power is four times the power of standard curling irons for incredibly fast heatup and heat restoration allows Hot Tools irons to get hot... stay hot.

Electronics sensor in iron's barrel detects heat loss and signals heating system to boost iron's heat.

Constant heat - Barrel temperature remains constant curl after curl, allowing stylist to work quickly while attaining consistent results.

Ready to use in 60 seconds. And the iron continues to build heat even if it is used before selected temperature is reached.

10 variable heat settings - Built-in rheostat control provides 10 settings from low, for fine or chemically treated hair, to high for thick, coarse hair.

Superior mica heating system - Mica heater covers entire inner surface of barrel to distribute heat faster and more evenly than conventional irons.

A steel bar connects the barrel to the handle providing a more secure construction and prevents handle from bending under pressure applied during use.

* Powerful spring clamp
* Heavy duty long-life heating element
* 24K gold plated barrel
* Extra long cool tip
* Separate On/Off switch allows rheostat to "memorize" your favorite heat setting
* Foldaway safety stand
* Sure-grip comfort handle
* Heavy duty 8-foot tangle-proof swivel cord
* Pilot light
* Voltage: 120V
* 1 Year limited warranty

Available in 6 different barrel sizes:

* 3/8" barrel (model #1138V3) - for soft, tight curls, bangs and wisps.
* 5/8" barrel (model #1109V3) - for smooth, tight curls.
* 3/4" barrel (model #1101V3) - for all hair lengths.
* 1" barrel (model #1181V3) - creates full curls and waves.
* 1" barrel (model #1110V3) - creates large, loose curls.
* 1" barrel (model #1102V3) - for longer hair.
* 2" barrel (model #1111V3) - for extra volume and lift

I currently own 3 types of curling irons by HOT TOOLS ( I will review 1 for now)

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(Click on the picture to enlarge)

*I must say that it gives me fabulous volumized curls especially now that I have my layers. I adore Kim Kardashian Gorgeous curls and this curling iron does give me almost like hers. I don't want to say its like hers because, come on she has her curls done my a professional hair stylist all the time! How I know? She said it herself on twitter!

*The curling iron heats up really fast and stay HOT evenly and for long time until I am done with my hair.

*Ones I curl my hair and run my fingers through it to style I have to spray a lot of hair spray, because my the curl doesn't hold its shape for long time.

*The barrel is not small and curling iron can get really HOT, so you should be really cautions while using it, because I did burn myself and it wasn't cute! The Burn mark stays on your skin for quite a while.

Here is a video of the results it gives me:

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