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Sweet Aspirin Cravings

9:00 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

Okey maybe the title is too much, but I love this home made mask.


Its super easy and really effective if your skin looks lifeless. It helps with redness you may have on your skin and brightens up your whole complexion. YOU WILL FEEL HOW CLEAN AND SOFT YOUR SKIN WILL BE AFTER.


You probably see me Twitpic these pictures while I had my mask on. Yeah I am not ashamed to share with you what who cares.

P.S. I usually don't measure anything what I put in, I sort of know how much I need for my face.

What You Need:

I put about 6 Aspirins
2 table spoons on natural organic preferred honey
1 Table spoon of natural lemon juice
2 Cotton balls or 1 cotton pad
Mix until everything is even together.


-Steam your face (perfect right out the shower) that way u open up your pores.
- Dip the cotton balls or pad in the mix and apply directly on your face.
- Let dry for about 40 min
- For the best effect. Do not talk
- Wash with wash cloth, gently scrubbing your face

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Michelle said...

its on valentines day. its gonna be our 5 year :)