Favorate Bloggers Interview

Favorate Bloggers Interview: DELMY

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Lets get to know people behind their fabulous blogs.

I've bee admiring few bloggers. I truly think that they are super talented. So I came up with an idea to interview them. Ask them different questions they are passionate about, so we can get to know them better and get some secrets that they may have

For the next few months you will see different loggers interview...so stay tuned!!!


THIS MONTH IS THE GORGEOUS DELMY. From www.fashionbananas.com She is ohh so fashionable. I love checking her posts out she always have the cutest outfits that she put together. She is such an INSPIRATION to me and many more young women out there.


Lets begin the interview:

1. Name: Delmy
2. Date of birth: 08-31-1982
3. Place of birth: Bronx, NY
4. Career major: MUA
5. Hobbies: Singing, Scrap booking, hairstyling.
6. Vocation spots: Any place warm
7. If you had 3 of your wishes come true what would they be? Makeup Line
8. Life learned lesson so far: Trust your heart. It never fails.
9. Best advice you can give a girl...Don't change for anyone.
A. Self esteem: Important.
B. Relationship: I love mine.
C. Fashion: Live for it!
D. Any advice In general: Don't be afraid to love.

Now lets gossip about beauty + fashion.....


1. Any beauty skin care products that you use and want to recommend? Dior Iconic Mascara.
2. Favorite store to purchase products for skin care: Sephora.
3. Favorite make up products for face,eyes,lips: Makeup Forever.
4. Stores you mostly purchase your make up: Sephora & MAC
5. Any make up secrets you have up your sleeve that you can share? Dip the tip of your eyeliner in a MAC liquid eye liner pot and apply. It will make you eye liner last longer.
6. Any advice about skin care + makeup you like to share with us: Do not go to sleep with makeup on.


1. Stores you like to shop at and online: Topshop, Free People
2. How do you put your outfits together? Whatever comes to mind.
3. Do you shop for whole outfits at stores/online or you see one piece you get it? Depends on how many items I like.
4. Do you always dress up: Not all the time. I have dress down days.
5. When you look at clothes do you look at the tag where its made at, what it made with, the quality of it. The first thing I look at is the quality then comes the price check.
6. Do you like solo shopping or with a crew. SOLO.
7. How do you decide between two colors of the same outfits to which to buy? The one I'll wear more.
8. Any tips for girls/women you have to share while they shop or about clothes to wear? Buy what you love. Have fun!
9. What do you do with clothes you don't wear? Sell them! ShopDelmy.Bigcartel.com

BIG thank you to Delmy for participating in my interview.

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Delmy said...

Thank so much for the feature!