Forever 21- H&M-ZARA-Victorias Secret- Norstroom Rack HAUL

9:42 AM Katherine H 2 Comments

I Love shopping when I don't have specific things to buy

I enjoy shopping with my partner that always makes me happy when we shop. She is just a quite and peaceful person that makes it easy to shop with. (ViVaLaMarina) So check out about 2 months or so worth of stuff I found.

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Corie said...

Ok 1st of all I wanted to say that you are too funny! In some segments you just had me laughing. I like your vlogs. I also liked everything you purchased...very nice! I'm going to have to go to Zara though, it seems like they have a lot of nice things.

Amandita said...

hey, I was finally to log in on my formspring lol.. so now Im a follower great blog hon