How To Organize Your Articles (BEAUTY, FASHION, SKIN CARE...ETC)

10:00 AM Katherine H 2 Comments

Are you a clean freak or organizing manic? I am both.

I am an organizing freak! I LOVE to come up with new ways to store and organize everything around me in home. Especially when it comes to my articles on beauty, fashion, skin care...etc. I always look for new ways to store it for easy excess. In this post I will share with you my recent idea I came up with, some on you may know about it and maybe using the same technique.

I found this cutie pie at Wal-Mart
For my school papers and I though let me get an extra one just in case I need more sections. Then I decided to use it for my articles. See the transformation below...

My articles went from this......


To this...what you think? I personally LOVE it. It’s adorable and most important organized neatly with easy access.


I store it in my draw and when I feel I need something I know where to look because everything is organized by labels


I only store magazines that have amazing articles one after the other. But other than that I look through magazines and rip out the articles that interest me and place them in my folder by category. If I see some articles online and I like I print them out and also add to my folder.

Hope you will use idea and start organizing.

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Anonymy said...

Like your blog... And thanks for the tips:-)

kimber doll said...

I LOVE organizing & cleaning as well!!!!
I just got the most awesome shoe rack last week .... and a makeup organizer the week before lol. Love the cute cupcake folder.