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Kim Kardashian Inspired Soft Waves Valentines Day Hair Tutorial

10:15 PM Katherine H 2 Comments

Yet Another Hair Tutorial This Time Special For "Valentines Day"

I have few curling irons by Hot Tools. I am not going to lie I am not a big fan of them. In my previous posts I shared with you how I organize and clean my styling tools click HERE to read and watch the video.


In the post I will show you my way of styling my hair with the 1.5'' Hot Tools curling iron. I made sure I zoomed in the details and explained clearly what I am doing you will be able to achieve similar results.


As you can see the hair is not curly it’s more relaxed and wavy.


Not every part of my hair is curly, but that's how I like it. I wasn't going for perfect curls all over. Its hard to achieve that with this curing iron.

To watch my tutorial with my 1" Revlon curling iron for much curlier hair CLICK HERE.

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very pretty. i always manage to burn my finger whenever i use a curling iron :/

Zanah said...

Your hair is amazing!! Love blog :) Mon Mode Blog