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My Current Obsession: Statement Headband

10:00 AM Katherine H 4 Comments

We can't all wear CROWNS everyday, But HEADBAND will make that BOLD clean STATEMENT

I've been obsessing over headbands that make a BOLD CLEAN STATEMENT. I am a PRINCESS (In My World!), but we live in a century that if you wear a PRINCESS crown everyday people will think you are crazy. I found a way to feel like a GIRLY PRINCESS, by wearing those cute STATEMENT headbands like you can see below (Sorry I am still learning about Polyvore)


I have about 4 headbands from above and I absolutely LOVE them! I wear big headband peaces when I got out to hang out and small peaces I wear to school, work, running errands....what ever. I absolutely love them, they make me feel so amazing and FABULOUS! I am always on a hunt for a new cute one.

I pick out all of my headbands at Forever 21, they are GOOD QUALITY. GREAT PRICE, FABULOUS DESIGNS!

Want One For Your Self?
Click HERE to check them out online!

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Love a good headband. You've chosen some cute ones.

Gorgeous headbands!!! LOVE them!!!

@walk the Sand Thanks You! F21 has great ones

@a bit mischievous Check out f21 if you want one