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Should I change my hair color?

9:00 AM Katherine H 2 Comments

Change is always good, if you make it a positive and happy change.

I remember when I colored my hair black. I was in love with how it looked on me. Its going to be second year already that I am keeping it black and ill be honest I am so use to it and I am truly ready for a change. I am thinking coloring it to golden brown. I've wanted that color for so long now. I am keeping my hair as it is for few months and then I will probably change it.



Ha Haa Haaa...Okey I am joking!



This is the color I am aiming to achieve! Will see if I will achieve it or not.

I am aware of how hard it is to change color from black to lighter, but hey ill try I am so tired of re-coloring my hair every months! Its gets really annoying and expensive! I will keep you posted so follow my blog and my TWITTER to know it first.

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Saimese said...

I love her hair colour in that pic. Good luck

Meya said...

i want to dye my hair too. i been having black hair for years now, i think it time for a change...