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Do YOU Know Meya? I DO...Now YOU Can Too!!!

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It's Time For Another Special Guest Interview.

Meet The Gorgeous Meya
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BIG thanks to her to for taking her time participating.


(I Told She Is Gorgeous)

1. Name (meaning of the name if possible) ----- Mirella Oliva aka Meya (easier for the people that can't row their r's haha) means miracle, god has spoken, miraculous

2. Date of birth ----- April 17, 1986

3. Place of birth ---- where the stars are born haha just kidding... the O.C Baby (Orange County, California)

4. Carrier major ------ International Business

5. Hobbies ----- scrap-booking, collecting socks, running and of course makeup and fashion

6. Vacation spots ----- anywhere tropical

7. If you had 3 of your wishes come true what would they be? ------ to become really successful in my business carrier, for my son to have the best future he can possibly have, for the world to become more positive, be a lover not a fighter

8. Life learned lesson so far ----- to always believe in yourself, your time will come

9. Best advice you can give a girl... ----- respect yourself, being a lady makes you that much beautiful

A. Self esteem --- everyone is beautiful in their own way, always be confident and own it

B. Relationship ----remember not to settle just for anything, you deserve to be treated like a princess 24/7 and if he doesn't remember there's someone else that will

C. Fashion ------ there's now rules in fashion, wear what makes you feel good and don't be afraid to experiment

D. Any advice I general ---- always believe in yourself


**Now lets gossip about beauty + fashion**


1. Any beauty skin care products that you use and want to recommend ----- right now I'm experimenting with different skin products but one product I always go back to is Ponds dry skin cream

2. Favorite store to purchase products for skin care ---- I usually stick with any drugstore

3. Favorite make up products for face,eyes,lips ---- I will have to say Myth lippie , Makeup Forever HD and Revlon's ColorStay Foundation, Avon's lip conditioner, e.l.f peachy keen blush, wet N' wild cream eyeliner

4. Stores you mostly purchase your make up ---- Mac, drugstores

5. Any make up secrets you have up your sleeve that you can share? makeup has no rules just do you

6. Any advice about skin care + makeup you like to share with us ---- always wash your face before going to bed and brush your teeth, beauty starts with a healthy smile



1. Stores you like to shop at and online ----- F21, H&M, BEBE

2. How do you put your outfits together? ---- depending on my mood each morning

3. Do you shop for whole outfits at stores/online or you see one peace you get it ---- I shop mostly for pieces because like that you can put your own style into an outfit

4. Do you always dress up --- only when I'm going out

5. When you look at clothes do you look at the tag where its made at, what it made with, the quality of it ----- no, if I like it I buy it not caring for brands or any of that

6. Do you like solo shopping or with a crew ----- depending on my mood but mostly with a crew, I'm a people person =)

7. How do you decide between two colors of the same outfits to which to buy --- on what color my closet needs the most lol I try to have a variety of colors in my closet

8. Any tips for girls/women you have to share while they shop or about clothes to wear? ---- never go to tight or for less material, it will just make you look awful or like a slut hahaha

9. What do you do with clothes you don't wear? ---- I give them to my little sister who is 17 years old or donate them if she don't want them

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I love her shoes!
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