Hold On Wait One Minute And Think

2:11 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

What is this world is turning into?

Lately I've been thinking more and more about my life. For example school, work, shopping, family, friends, going out, love.....etc. And I came to realize that I CARE WAY TO MUCH for everything to be perfect and to the best of my ability....I need to STOP and PAY ATTENTION to the happiest moment in my life and enjoy every minute of my life no matter what I am doing!


I also been thinking how TV,MUSIC, MAGAZINES,MOVES and CELEBRITIES push us so far to look out best. I am not saying looking out best should be our last priority, but it shouldn't be out first or second or even third. I know so many people that would do anything to have that celebrity looking body and its really sad to watch that person go through hard and painful to explain procedures to have the IT body like the IT celebrities do. Before it was older adults that had the courage to go through the transformation, but NO MORE. More and more younger children want to become the IT looking celebrity as very young age! I came across a video on one of my lovely blogger and I really wanted to share it with you.


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