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I Need to Get This Out!

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I know I usually don't do this on my blog, but I have to take this out of me! Its first day of my Spring Semester and my classes are all messed up because my counselor didn't tell me that I have only little classes left to take. I usually do everything on my own (I SEE SEE ALL THE TIME WHY ITS BETTER!) but this time I just set back and listened to the counselor! ***WHY? I HATE morning classes I never make it on time! I made a mistake by registering and also not registering for sat class! I am more then furious right now! COOL COOL OFF NOW!

Anyway as you guys know if you follow me on TWITTER I got to the gym! I don't want to say the name, but their costumer service SUCKS! I am on the phone waiting for costumer service for almost 30 minutes! They honestly thing I will want to sign up with them now! (I was on 7 day free trial pass) The workers there are horrible, I stand up for myself most of the time, but I was just sock how they close down their gym! Word to Word.....Gym is closed (30 minutes before the clothing time) GET OUT NOW! GO HOME! I am not lying honestly that word to word how they make an announcement. It was funny first time, but after 3 days of hearing that I was shocked! This is why I am calling costumer service now and I will wait until they will answer me no mater how long it will take. (THE REASON I DON'T WANT TO SAY THE NAME OF THE GYM IS BECAUSE ITS A BIG CORPORATION AND I AM NOT SURE IF ITS AT ALL GYMS AROUND THE COUNTRY)

P.S. I got a person on the phone...lets see what he will do for me!

I tell you I get what I want!

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