It’s a change within!

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Nothing in this world will ever make you truly change until you on your own want to!

At this point in my life I see no point of running after people that disappoint you over and over again! I am a person that always cares about others. That's just within me, that why my major is social work!


But I slowly starting to become a person that cares but shows that she doesn't and it does hurt me that I have to be this way but what else can I to do? I don't want to be hurt anymore I had enough for all these years! I thought long and hard about this and I decided it won't work I can't be fake that's NOT me.

So I decided to honestly not pay attention and block all or as much as I can the negativity that people around me have! I can't change people, I can just protect myself and that's it...I just can't take the sadness and pain I constantly feel by being slapped in my face.


I will only care about ME.....yeah it sounds that I am selfish, but I am not. I have to better my life as it goes not make it unhappy or sad! I am a very strong 20 years old young women and making my life private from most of the people around me. Those who I will stay open wit will know what's going on with me without me even mentioning about anything.

YOU should do the same! Life goes on and we learn everyday! Let this be the day or night that you rethink and say enough is enough! Do what YOU want and act how you want to act stop caring about others care about YOU FIRST (if you are religious) GOD comes first then yourself. That's how it is in my life! There is so much in this world that we need to care for more then what people say and think about us. There will always be a with it! Do you and what's best for you!

When someone tells you not to do something best revenge is accomplishing what they told you that you not capable off.

Enjoy life to the fullest and be happy with what you have and keep climbing higher in life!

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