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Any Ideas What To Get Your Mom On MOTHERS DAY?

3:41 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Thank You To All The Ladies In My Family That Raised Me....It Wasn't Easy I KNOW!

Mother Days is around the corned [MAY 9th] and this year I know what my mom and grandma wants!

MOM- Anything For Hair and Body From Kiehl's
GRANDMA- Wallet---All I Have To Do Is take Her To The Store And Tell Her Choose Anything
[My Grandma is not like any grandma, if she doesn't like it she will tell you in your face. I am fine with it, that's why i just take her and she chooses!]

I have an amazing but crazy family. So I am preparing little early for Mothers Day.
I wish my great grandma was alive. I would probably buy her everything she mentions she wants. REST IN PEACE! <3>

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