Memorial Day Re-Cap

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Such A Relaxing Memorial Day Weekend

For my Memorial Day weekend. I went to my moms house to get away from the hectic and busy life that I LOVE, but come on girl needed the break so bad!

Below you will see pictures of some BBQ I did with family ( You wont see any pictures of me because I was a HOT mess while relaxing! lol I cant believe tomorrow is June 1st. OMG this time goes by so fast and there is no way to stop it!


BBQ Veggies are my favorite
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HOME cooked food is the BEST food!

Its not the best S'mores I ever made, but they were delicious!


Flowers are from my moms garden, how gorgeous are they.


Moving on..... Monday night I went to my FAVORITE FAVORITE shoes store in a while world MJM shoes style="text-align: center;">


After my mom got me Black Sandals I cant stop loving how sandals look and how comfy they are. (After they give you few blisters!)



You guys can't even imagine how comfy and soft these baby's are! I LOVE them. There were soo many colors, but I these caught my attention the most <333>


There babies are my by far favorite! I've been wanting these shoes for soo long! Thank GOD I found them and the color is so right for this summer


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Carla said...

omg love the second pair!! my fav color!! summer feeling