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OXYX-Professional 100% Pure Acetone Review

2:23 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

Take It Off…Take It ALL off


Have you guys even said I am so tired how long it takes me to take my nail polish off? Well I did many times, I’ve been on a hunt to find a good nail polish remover for a quite a while now. I’ve went through about 10 nail polishes removers and they didn’t do justice to remover my nail polish well. Few weeks ago I’ve went to Wal-Mart and decided to purchase ONYX-Professional 100% Pure Acetone. Since it was no more the $3 I though I’ll give it a try. I didn’t think it will work as good as it did.

Site Claims:

  • Quickly Removes Nail Glue & Glitter Polish
  • Used By Professionals

• Good Price for the amount
• Last long time
• Does the Job to take off nail polish really well
• Doesn’t have BAD smell ( Light acetone smell)
• Available almost every drug store

• No Pump ( You can purchase acetone with a pump and always refill it with this acetone)
• Can get messy if not used with caution

Price: $3 USDA
Will Purchase Again? Right before I run out of this one

My Opinion: EASY FAST and INEXPENSIVE! I haven’t tried to remove artificial nails with this remover…as soon as I get a chance I will do a mini version to this post and let you guys know, how good or bad it removes artificial nails. As far as taking off regular nail polish all you need is one cotton ball or cotton pad and wet it ones and you are good to go to take off nail polish on your 10 with one cotton ball/pad =)

To purchase:
- OXYX-Professional 100% Pure Acetone click HERE


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