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Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Scrub” Review

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BEST For Your Face During Cold Winter


"Winter approaching very soon and if you live in a state/country that during winter temperatures drop low then Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Scrub” is FOR YOU."


I went to Wal-Mart about a month or two ago to stuck-up on the Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Pads” for my Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser” that I’ve been using for almost two years now. YEP two years, if you are interested to watch my first review on it then CLICK HERE and for my second review a year later CLICK HERE. Any whoo, the Wal-Mart I went to didn’t have the Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Pads” in stuck =( ( I always tell myself to buy two boxes and never do)


As always something “NEW” caught my eye and it was Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Scrub”. Since I was out my favorite St.Ives “Microdermabraison scrub also (Wal-Mart didn’t have that also, I don’t know what’s going on. I will just have to buy in bulk products I love) I decided to give a try to this scrub. I desperately needed a scrub. Mainly what caught my eye about this products was the statement in the front of it “See fewer blackheads in just two days….Gently exfoliates to lift away dirt & oil. ( Read below what I found out after first wash)

Site Claims:
  • See fewer blackheads in just two days
  • Gently exfoliates to lift away dirt & oil
  • Oil-free

Here are my Pros and Cons:
• Super Gentle On Skin
• No Need For Lotion
• Moisturizes Skin While Washing
• Not Expensive
• Easy To Find /Purchase
• Easy To Use Squeezing Tube
• Perfect For Ashy Skin Especially During Winter
• Wont Dry Skin What SO EVER

• Didn’t See That Much Of Difference In Seeing Fewer Blackheads in just two days
• The Scrub Doesn’t Really Scrub Face.
• People With A LOT Blackheads (DON’T WASTE MONEY) wont remove or eliminate them
• The Blue “scrub” Beads Tend To Get Stuck In Hair (Its Annoying To Take It Out)

Will Purchase Again? ONLY DURING WINTER, Or when ever get ashy skin and I’ll need that quick fix for cheap.

My Opinion:
OKEY here we GO…I will admit I am not a HUGE fan of this product, but I like how soft my skin gets after one wash. Its ideal for my skin during winter, since winter here is cold and my skin gets ohh so dry and ashy. I don’t see any improvements in my skin about blackheads, but like I said I seen that my skin got softer right after first wash, I didn’t need a moisturizer after (I CANT SAY THAT ABOUT MOST OF MY WASHES) if you have dry skin at times or you have over all dry skin this works wonders on that skin type. I use it day and night, I also noticed that it does remove make up even mascara very well. This should be a face wash for dry skin to remove make up and not a blackheads remover! Give it a try you got nothing to lose expect try ashy skin!

To purchase:
- Clean&Clear “Blackhead Eraser Scrub” click HERE

Here Is My Review Video

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