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Montagne Jeunesse PEEL-OFF MASQUE Review

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Few weeks ago I went to my favorite drugstore…Wal-Mart and I was looking for Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mask that I read reviews about online. When I was checking it out I seen that there were few options I can choose from, and I choose the PEEL-OFF MASQUE just because it said it was good for oily T-ZONE which I have (Thanks MOMMY). Few days later I decided it’s the right time to try it, as soon as I squeezed out the mask I remembered I had mask like that a while ago maybe 3 or 4 years ago which I really likes and used daily. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bought the same product again. =/
TIP: After a hot shower while your pores are open used a face scrub to get rid of all the dirt off your face and on dry face apply the mask. That way you know the mask is working right to get deep down into your pores and get rid of all the junk from your pores better and faster than if you didn’t follow the above described steps.
Site Claims:

Cucumber Peel Off Masque

Unblocks Blackheads

For Problem Skin

Especially the T-Zone

Eases Away Dry Cells

• Cheap
• Tightness Pores
• One Time Use
• Easy To Use
• Reduces Redness On Skin
• Relaxes You

• Gets a Little Messy

Price: $2 USDA
Will Purchase Again? YES I will

My Opinion: As I mentioned before I did use same mask, but different brand before and I loved it. Now since I discovered it again by different brand I will be purchasing time to time. I liked how it calmed my redness on my skin. I have few acne scars that I use to think were pimples, but since I was told by my dermatologist its acne scars I try using products that state they calm redness on skin. I especially like this product because it gives you the exact amount you need for your skin. I am a person that gets tired of using the same products I need constant change and same goes for my skin, it gets tired and used to same products then after a while the products just stop working for me and I have to throw it away, give it away, or it just expires and goes straight to garbage. This one time use container is great idea that way you know it’s always new and fresh and you not wasting money on a product that will stay in your bathroom and not be used.

To purchase:
- Montagne Jeunesse PEEL-OFF MASQUE click HERE

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Saimese said...

I've tried one of these.. def good for the price!